I Messed Up Book Tag

Thank you Stephanie’s Novel Fiction for tagging me in this tag!

A character appearance that you misread or imagined differently.

For this I’m going to go with Camille Belcourt from Cassandra Clare’s The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices. She is described as having blond hair but for some reason I always picture her with red hair. I picture her looking more like Victoria from Twilight. Note: I have not watched the Shadowhunters tv show so I’m not sure how she is depicted there. This is just how I picture Camille in my head while reading.


A character name that you have been pronouncing wrong.

Rhysand. I’ve been pronouncing it as Rye-sand, not Ree-sand. Whoops. I have not read the books yet, but it is impossible not to come across this name in the book community.


An overused trope that is your guilty pleasure.

I admit it, I am a sucker for love triangles. I love trying to figure out who the protagonist is going to get with. It’s like a little game for me. I also get upset if it doesn’t go my way.

A cliche character type that you like better on screen than reading about.

The Mary Sue. Reading characters like this drive me nuts. I’d much rather watch this type of character than have to read about it. Perfect example for this would be Bella Swan from Twilight. While I didn’t love the movies, I hated reading about her character. Wow, second Twilight reference today!


Have you ever not read or completed a required-reading book for school?

Nope. I love reading and I was too much of a goody two shoes to not do my assignments in school.

Have you ever skipped (or wanted to) a chapter from the point of view of a character you weren’t interested in?

I never skip parts of books. I like to read every word. There have been times that I’ve wanted to, but I just can’t bring myself to actually do it. I’m too afraid of missing something important.

Have you ever canceled social plans to read a book?

Yes. There are days I just don’t feel like socializing. I’m not afraid to cancel plans. If I’m not feeling it, I won’t go. No shame.

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37 thoughts on “I Messed Up Book Tag

    1. Phew! It worked! I’ve never sent a pingback before so I was nervous I messed it up!
      You’re welcome. I hope I’m not annoying you with tagging you again..haha. I don’t know many bloggers so…I just tagged the few who seem to do tags.

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      1. Oh, same here. I just figured it out today. It helps that my boyfriend is a computer programmer so he helps me with everything for my blog. If you need help, you can message me on twitter and I can try to walk you through it.

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    1. I think most people do hate love triangles. I’m just one of the few who don’t mind them!
      I’m going to try really hard to pronounce Rhysand’s name correctly when I read the books. It’s gonna be difficult.

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