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The Marriage Pact by Michelle Richmond (Spoiler-free!) Review

What if you were given the opportunity to ensure your marriage was a success? Jake and Alice are the perfect cadidates for the pact. They are young newlyweds who aren’t completely sure they married for the right reasons. At the beginning, Jake is questioning whether he married Alice because he loves her or to make sure she doesn’t leave him. The Pact single-handedly chooses its members by watching them and then getting approval from the leaders. Jake and Alice are presented with this opportunity in the form of a wedding gift, a locked wooden box. Intrigued, and thinking that what’s the worst that could happen, they agree to participate in The Pact, an exclusive group based solely on making sure marriages are successful. Little did Jake and Alice know that what they were signing up for was much more than just friends supporting friends with their marriages. Once in The Pact, there is no leaving it..alive.

This novel is a suspenseful thriller, though I would not say it is your typical thriller since I was not afraid. It has a slow build up of tension, which I loved. You know something isn’t right, but it’s not clear as to what. Slowly, Jake and Alice begin to realize that The Pact is not a joke. They are given a manual that they are to memorize. This manual contains the rules that all members must abide by. If the rules are broken, there are consequences.

Some of the rules for The Pact:

  • When your spouse calls, always answer.
  • Don’t mention The Pact.
  • Every member is required to provide one gift to his or her spouse each calendar month.
  • Each member must plan one joint trip each quarter away from home for a period of no less than 36 hours.

By this point, Jake and Alice are living in a state of fear, paranoia, and anxiety. They want out. This is not what they intended when they signed up for this. Little do these newlyweds know, they aren’t getting out of The Pact, whether they like it or not. The Pact’s influence is widespread and their control is unbreakable. They can take everything away in a blink of an eye. Alice is an attorney and her job is threatened to be taken away if they continue to try to find a way to escape The Pact. Jake and Alice are trapped in what seems to them as more of a cult rather than a supportive group. Things take a turn for the worst when the rules are broken. This is when they truly get a glimpse into the heart of The Pact and what they are capable of.

I personally loved the tension buildup. It made me want to keep reading. I read this book in a span of 25 hours. I just could not put it down! It was a great thriller and I loved that it wasn’t scary. I would recommend this read for anyone who likes books that slowly build the tension, rather than being a terrifying read. I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars! The publication date for this book is July 25, 2017.

Thank you to Netgalley, the publisher, and Michelle Richmond for this ARC in return for an honest review.


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