Harry Potter Themed Bridal Shower

This weekend I threw my best friend and bride-to-be, Becca, a Harry Potter themed bridal shower! I’m her maid of honor and we came up with this brilliant idea to make her bridal shower Harry Potter themed since we are both crazy Potterheads! It turned out much better than I had anticipated! I know this isn’t like any normal post I have ever written before, but I figured since it’s Harry Potter, then that makes it book related! Note: I am only mentioning the Harry Potter related food, decorations, and games.


For the Harry Potter themed food I made Harry Potter shaped sugar cookies (my boyfriend actually 3D printed me the cookie cutters), pumpkin pasties, Petunia’s pudding, and pumpkin juice. The bride-to-be’s sister, Karissa, made the butterbeer and chocolate frogs, lightning bolts, wizard hats, and rats.



Jamie made amazing signs for decoration! Seriously, they look like they were professionally made!


I made the spell books for the gift table and the potions that we used as centerpieces for the guest tables. Liz made the Hogwart’s house and classes signs for each table. (I didn’t get a picture of most of these, but every table was assigned a house or class. Becca (the bride-to-be) made the awesome hanging letters! Each person in attendance had an envelope with their name and address on it. It was seriously so neat looking in person!



House Tie Game: I made up a tie representing each house. Every guest received a tie to wear for the duration of the shower. If the word “wedding” was said, the person who said it loses their tie and the person who caught them gets to steal it. The person with the most ties at the end of the shower wins a prize.

Guess the Bean: We had 10 different jelly bean flavors, both good and bad, that we all had to eat and try to guess the flavor to. The person who got the most flavors right won a prize.

Harry Potter Bingo: The game itself wasn’t necessarily Harry Potter but the card was Harry Potter themed. Everyone filled out their own Bingo card with gifts they think the bride-to-be will receive. Whoever got a Bingo first won a prize.




The wonderful bridal party and bride-to-be! Left to right: Liz, Kia, Jamie, Becca, me, Karissa, Emily.
Me and the beautiful bride-to-be!
The soon-to-be newlyweds, Colby and Becca!


58 thoughts on “Harry Potter Themed Bridal Shower

  1. OH MY GOD 😍😍 everything looks so good!! *plots on how to steal all of it for my own bridal shower* 😂 only joking!…kind of…😉 xx

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  2. That is fantastic looking!! So creative 🙂 I should get divorced and remarried so I can have one….hmmm, my hubby just told me I was insane. So that is a no…sounded like a plan to me!! 😉

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Omg. I only had to look at the title of this blog and already I was super excited to read and see the photos. LOVE Harry Potter. Literally the best thing, the ideas you came up with are so good. You know when you read/see something and you’re like, I NEED this in my life? Well I had that with this! The Jelly Bean game sounds fun too. 😀

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