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The Divine Heart by Danielle R. Mani (Spoiler-free) Review

Seventeen-year-old Elle Collins has spent most her life waiting for someone else to die…

When a heart donor is found, Elle awakes from surgery gifted with more than just a new heart. Clairaudient messages and spiritual apparitions haunt her until she is convinced that she must be insane. Either that, or her donor is sending a message.

Desperate for answers the medical community can’t provide, Elle’s divination leads her to the family of her donor, a young girl named Cas. With the help of her best friend, Rob, the guy who’s proof that her new heart is capable of love, Elle must make sense of the clues Cas is sending. As pieces of Cas’s life and death emerge, Elle will discover that she and Cas share more than just a heart.

“Even though we’re all going to die–someday–it’s different for me. I’ve been dying since I was born.”

-Danielle R. Mani, The Divine Heart

This book is a Young Adult Paranormal novel. It centers around Elle who has been dying since she was born. She was born with a bad heart and is need of a heart donor. Miraculously, she ends up lucky enough to find a matching donor and is able to undergo a heart transplant. This is when things start to go awry. She wakes up after surgery and starts to hear voices in her head and sees images and memories of the donor. Weird and freaky things just progress from here.

I am a fan of all things paranormal and spooky, and I found myself really enjoying this book. If you are looking for a quick Halloween read, I recommend you pick this one up! It’s only 170 pages, and if I were to admit, I wouldn’t have minded it to be a bit longer. Being only 170 pages, this book can be read in one day. It definitely has paranormal elements and it tended to get a bit spooky at times. It was almost like a ghost story, which I quite enjoyed.

The main character is strong, despite her heart condition. She just wants to help her heart donor to fulfill her unfinished business, even if this means pushing herself to the limit. I really appreciated this characteristic that Elle possessed. She was definitely a likable main character.

I found that while I was reading, I was having a had a hard time putting this book down! I really wanted to just binge read this, and if I had had the spare time, I most definitely would have! This book has a mystery side to it where you just wanted to figure out exactly what is happening. There are twists and turns that I wasn’t able to predict. You could almost classify this book as a thriller as well. It definitely kept me on my toes.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes paranormal novels or ghost stories. It’s the perfect Halloween read! I rate this book 4 out of 5 stars.

Thank you to Danielle R. Mani for a copy of this book in return for an honest review. Also thank you for sending me the awesome swag along with your book!



38 thoughts on “The Divine Heart by Danielle R. Mani (Spoiler-free) Review

  1. Sounds like a pretty overused premise, but if you’re fine with that it sounds like it was loads of fun 🙂 good review! Short Halloween reads are the best though. I still remember the one from last year, Lantern by Chess Desals, also a bit of the paranormal. Very recommended 🙂

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