Falling for Fall Tag

I was tagged by my lovely friends Ash @ For the Love of Books and Megs @ Between the Pages to do the Falling for Fall Tag! I love everything about Fall so I’m super excited to have been tagged for this one! Thanks Ash and Megs!

This tag was originally created by Megan at Love Megan Anne. 

What is your favorite Fall scent? 

  • Definitely cinnamon! 

Do you prefer apple stuff or pumpkin stuff?

  • I love pumpkin everything!

What is one thing you look forward to every single Fall?

  • Picking out a pumpkin for carving and toasting up the pumpkin seeds!

How do you like to spend the more cloudy/chilly days in the Fall?

  • Reading while wrapped up in a blanket with candles lit and a cup of tea or hot apple cider!

Which do you prefer: Halloween or Thanksgiving? 

  • Hands down Halloween! It is my favorite holiday! I love the spooky season!!

What is one way you embrace the Fall season?

  • I break out my Fall scented candles!

What photos would you like to take this Fall?

  • Pictures of all the pretty colored leaves! 

Favorite childhood memory of this season?

  • My dad has always been a Halloween fanatic and he always goes all out with spooky Halloween decorations! So, my favorite memory would have to be watching my dad decorate for the season! Also going to haunted houses and watching horror films with him!

What is your favorite fashion trend (fashion, makeup, etc) so far this season?

  • I don’t follow fashion trends but I do love bundling up in scarves!

Describe what the Fall weather really looks like where you live. 

  • The weather gets chilly and crisp and the leaves all turn pretty colors. It’s also beginning to rain here almost every day. 

I’m not going to tag anyone as I’m pretty late into the season at putting this up, but if you haven’t done this tag yet and would like to, consider yourself tagged! 

31 thoughts on “Falling for Fall Tag

  1. As Halloween is your favourite holiday then maybe you would enjoy doing a Halloween themed book tag? I tagged you on my first ever book tag post and would love to see your answers 😉 Trick or Treat Round the Block Book Tag! >>> ladyofbookland.wordpress.com/2017/10/29/trick-or-treat-round-the-block-book-tag/

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  2. Love your answers! One year I really want to go out and pick my own pumpkin too. Usually in the U.K. we just buy them from a supermarket, but there are some places where you can pick your own. It looks like so much fun! Lovely photo. ☺️

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