Trick or Treat Round the Block Book Tag

It’s almost October 31st! You know what that means…squeezing in every last thing I can that is Halloween related before my favorite holiday is over! I was tagged in the Trick or Treat Round the Block Book Tag by Inga @ Lady of Bookland! Thanks for the tag! I am so excited about this one. Inga is a new book blogger so if you haven’t had the chance to take a look at her blog, please do! I am all about supporting new bloggers as I am still new myself!

This tag was originally created by The Bookish Porcupine!

CREEPY HOUSE ON THE CORNER OF THE STREET: book with a creepy cover.


Mr. Mercedes and Finder’s Keepers by Stephen King! I love the blood!! P.S. I don’t much care for the third book cover in this trilogy. It doesn’t really look like it belongs so I’m not including the third book in this.

LIGHTS OUT (PARTY POOPERS): a book you want to read when you escape.


The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. Take me away to the circus with the acrobats, popcorn, and lion tamers!



Twilight by Stephenie Meyer will always hold a special place in my heart. It may not be the best written series in the world but I still love it and always will. I would like to re-read it soon since it’s been years since I’ve picked it up.

THE HOUSE WITH THE BEST DECORATIONS ON THE BLOCK: best haunting/Halloween themed cover.


Through the Woods by Emily Carol. Just look at that cover. LOOK AT IT! It’s so creepy and I love it!

THE HOUSE THAT GIVES OUT THE BEST CANDY: number one Halloween recommendation.


IT by Stephen King. Pennywise is just creeeeeeepy. Also, Pennywise the clown isn’t the true evil of Derry, Maine, but just one of the many horrors that plague the children of that godforsaken town. There’s plenty of nightmares to go around in this book. It’s all tricks, no treats.


Corn maze or haunted house? Haunted house all the way! I love a good scare!

Classic or unique costume? Classic. Give me a witch or vampire costume any day.

Sexy or scary costume? You can be sexy and scary at the same time. I say both!

Comedy or horror Halloween film? HORROR! Always. (I like the classic horror films: Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween)

Chocolate or sour candy? I like both, but when given the option of one or the other I always choose chocolate. I’m a chocoholic and proud of it!

Well, Halloween is almost over (*cries*) so I’m not going to tag anyone, but if you feel like doing this tag, you are more than welcome!





44 thoughts on “Trick or Treat Round the Block Book Tag

  1. Great tag!! I like actual haunted houses… like the ones with ghosts? Not the ones where people with chainsaws pop out at you and scare 10 years off your life. lol

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  2. I have been wanting to read ‘It’ ever since we went to see the reboot and because I thoroughly enjoyed reading a couple of other books by Stephen King. I have to admit I attempted to read ‘The Night Circus’, only to quit when I was halfway finished. The setting was beautiful and some of the characters were very interesting, I just couldn’t absorb myself into the storyline as I felt the plot seemed to move kind of slowly.. I have friends that read it and really liked it though!

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  3. Great choices 🙂 I haven’t read Stephen King yet, I guess simply because they kind of scare me but hope that next year I will gather the courage to read It. Oh, and I had Night Circus on my October/Halloween TBR list but didn’t get a chance to read the book yet.

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    1. Not all Stephen King is horror! 11/22/63 is my favorite book by him. It deals with time travel. There are a couple graphic parts but for the most part not scary at all. Definitely 100% recommend. I know you aren’t from the US so not sure if you know who John F Kennedy is but it’s all about trying to stop the assassination on him. It’s a great mix of history and time travel. Just for a recommendation. And The Night Circus is just wonderful! I hope you do read it at some point. It is more of a slower paced book. So do be aware of that.


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