The Walking Dead Book Tag 

My lovely friend Jessica @ Reading with Jessica is a fanatic when it comes to TWD. She took the opportunity to take her favorite show and turn it into a book tag! It was so creative and fun that I just had to jump on the band wagon and join in on the fun!

*Warning: May be spoilers if you haven’t watched season 7*


A book with a strong leader. 

Stealing Jessica’s answer here and going with Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows.


A book with a kick butt female. 

Mia Corvere from Nevernight by Jay Kristoff! Mia is one kick butt female! She’s an assassin. What’s more kick butt than that?!


A book with a character who doesn’t always think things through. 

Tris Prior from the Divergent series. Gosh, she really drives me nuts as a character and totally does not think before acting. 


A character who you miss the most. 

Fred from Harry Potter! I will never be okay with his death. NEVER!


A character who has suffered many losses and obstacles. 

Mark Blackthorn from The Dark Artifices. The whole Blackthorn family has lost a lot, but Mark has been through the most in my opinion. 


Name a book character you want on your side during the apocalypse.

Repeat answer here, but Mia Corvere from Nevernight. Who wouldn’t want a trained assassin by their side during an apocalypse. She knows how to fight and survive! 


A character that has gone through a major transformation. 

Walter from The Luster of Lost Things. He goes from not speaking or socializing with anyone besides his dog and his family to breaking out of his shell and making friends. Such a beautiful story and amazing character transformation. 


A character who would do anything to survive. 

Jem Carstairs. No spoilers here! Read the series to find out!!


A character who would sacrifice him/her self to save someone else. 

Harry Potter! He literally went to his own death to save the world!


Name your all-time favorite villain. 

Bellatrix LeStrange! I just love her!!


Maggie @ The Caramel Files

Jackie @ Bookworm Cafe

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