The Winter Tag

Hello everyone! I was tagged by my wonderful friend Jessica over at Reading with Jessica! Thank you so much for the tag, Jess!


  1. Share 12 random facts about yourself.
  2. Answer the 12 questions.
  3. Tag 12 bloggers.


  1. I am a very impatient person.
  2. I am obsessed with Bob’s Burgers
  3. I almost completed my collection of Bob’s Burgers funko pops! I’m just missing Linda now! (Thanks to my boyfriend for buying most of them for me!)
  4. I have 1 brother and lots of step-brothers. (5 step-brothers, one deceased)
  5. I don’t have any sisters.
  6. I live in an area that gets hit with a ton of snow every Winter (we just hit a record breaking snowfall on Christmas. We got 53 inches of snow in just 30 hours) and yet I hate snow. And when I say hate, I mean I loathe it.
  7. My favorite animal is a cat, yet I can’t have one as a pet because my boyfriend is allergic.
  8. I hate being cold.
  9. I get headaches and migraines a lot.
  10. I hate wearing jeans. You will always find me wearing leggings.
  11. I love scarves.
  12. I always cry on those sad animal commercials. (ASPCA, WWF, etc.)


What are your favorite things about Winter?

I hate Winter. Oh goodness, what have I gotten myself into doing this tag. Sorry guys if I sound like a Scrooge but I really hate Winter. There is nothing good about it in my opinion. Give me Fall or Summer all year long! If I had to pick a favorite thing, it would be being able to wear my scarves, sweaters, and boots.

What is your favorite Winter outfit?

I hate being cold so I like to bundle up. Sweater, leggings, scarf, boots.

What is your favorite Winter food?

Oh, probably chili. Yum yum!

What is your favorite Winter drink?

Peppermint hot chocolate or peppermint mocha!

What is your dream way to spend a Winters day?

If I don’t have to go outside I am content. Give me a warm blanket, comfy pajamas, a book, and a warm drink.

How do you like to do your makeup in the Winter?

I don’t do anything different with my makeup besides darker lipsticks. I love a nice berry color.

What are you hoping Santa brings you?

I’ve already done my gift exchange with my boyfriend since we won’t be seeing each other on the actual holiday. I really wanted Stephen King’s Dark Tower book set and I got it! Shoutout to my awesome boyfriend!

What are the first three things that remind you of Winter?

Snow, peppermint mocha/hot chocolate, Christmas.

What is your favorite Winter song?

Sleigh Ride

What is your favorite Winter memory.

Oh, the good old days before I had my license when I didn’t have to drive in the snow.

What is your favorite Winter scent?

I have three: peppermint, pine tree, cinnamon.

Finish this sentence…If I could have anything this Christmas it would be…

To be able to spend the holiday with my boyfriend.

I tag:













And that’s a wrap! ‘Til next time!


35 thoughts on “The Winter Tag

  1. Finally someone else who isn’t a big fan of jeans! I don’t hate them (I used to tho…) now I just make sure I get soft and flexible jeans (so like jeggings) bc I can’t stand stiff jeans. And sad that you don’t like snow, I live in the south where we never get snow yet I love the cold. Wanna trade houses with me lol

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