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Seven-Sided Spy by Hannah Carmack (Spoiler-free) Review

In the midst of the cold war, the CIA’s finest and most fatal female agent, Diana Riley, vanishes. Kidnapped by the KGB and taken to the backcountry of North Carolina, she and her team of unsavory partners are forced to undergo illegal experimentation.

But, when the experiments leave them horribly deformed and unable to reenter society without someone crying monster, the previously glamorous and high-maintenance spies must escape KGB captivity and avoid recapture at the hands of Nikola, a ruthless KGB agent with an intense and well-justified grudge against her former flame.

I think this synopsis is pretty misleading. It makes you believe that Diana is the main character which is not really true. This story has a diverse cast of characters and we see through every character’s point of view, not just Diana’s. With that being said, I really liked seeing how every character was flawed and getting to know each one by learning their stories. Everyone’s stories came together at the end to create one large story.

Because of how large the cast was, it was easy to get confused with who was who. Luckily, I keep notes as I read so this wasn’t really a problem for me, but for someone who reads without note-taking, I can see how someone could confuse the characters quite easily. Because this is a spy story, each character had two names; a code name and their real name, and both of these names are used interchangeably throughout the book. If you decide to pick this book up, I definitely recommend keeping notes to keep everyone straight. Also, there are two different groups of spies. There are those who work for the CIA and those who work for KGB. It also helps to note who each spy works for.

The really cool part about this book was that each character had special abilities. They were so neat to read about. Not by choice, the spies who work for the CIA were kidnapped and shot up with steroids that gave them these abilities. One could see the future, one was like a fish, and some were indestructible. I really loved reading about what everyone’s powers were. This was definitely my favorite part of the book!

If you enjoy spy stories with a lot of action, I would definitely recommend this book. It was different from any book I have picked up before! I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy a book about spies, but come to found out, I do! I am giving this book a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!

Thank you to Hannah Carmack for sending me this advanced copy in return for an honest review!



35 thoughts on “Seven-Sided Spy by Hannah Carmack (Spoiler-free) Review

  1. The cover is gorgeous! My first thought wouldn’t be that this is a spy novel – maybe something more dystopian or contemporary. I’m interested though! I love a book where the characters have powers! Thank you for the review!!

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