Series I Am Not Going to Finish

Hey guys! I made up a poll on Twitter asking what you would like to see as a post for today and the series I am not planning on finishing won! Thanks for all who voted! While you are here, go and give my Twitter a follow! (@introvertbook) I follow all book bloggers back! (At least I try to! Sometimes I miss follows!) Anyway, I’m very active on my Twitter account and I love talking about books on there as much as here on my blog! Enough rambling now, let’s get to the post!

Before I tell you guys about the series I am not planning on finishing, I just wanted to let you guys know that it is totally okay if you love these series. I am in no way hating on your love for them. These are just simply my personal opinions and I do not in anyway mean to offend anyone!

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard


I personally didn’t hate this book. I just couldn’t get into it. I had the hardcover (donated it) and the audiobook and regardless of which platform I chose to read this book on, I still couldn’t connect to it. It was just boring to me.

Replica by Lauren Oliver


I actually really liked this book when I was reading it. As time has passed, I have realized that I have no desire to pick up book 2. I guess I wasn’t as interested in this book as I originally thought I was while reading.

House of Night by P.C. and Kristin Cast


Okay, so I first got this series when it first came out. I received I think the first 3 or 4 in a box set as a gift for Christmas. I have no idea what year it was, but I do know I was still in high school so it was quite a long time ago now. I really, really loved this series. Like I re-read it over and over again in anticipation for the newest books as they were released. And then the books just kept coming and coming and coming and coming…I think you get my drift. Series shouldn’t drag on and on. I lost interest when I realized there was no end in sight. I also grew out of these books as well. If the whole series would have been published while I was still in high school I most likely would have read the entire series.

The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee


This book was a book that I was not expecting. It was more drama than anything, and I’m not really a fan of that. I guess I just read this one solely on it’s beautiful cover.

This Mortal Coil by Emily Suvada


Okay, so I had really high hopes for this one, and I know it is well-loved in the bookish community, but it just didn’t do it for me. I have a whole review on this one that you can read for a more in-depth reason why I didn’t like it. (Read that review here) Short story: It was just too sciency and not enough post-apocalyptic for me.

Given to the Sea by Mindy McGinnis


Wow, okay, I just could not stand the sexism in this book. It was horrible how the men talked about women like they were objects and all they were good for was sex. A big nope for me.

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon


Another well-loved series. I don’t think this series was bad. I actually read the first 2 books. I just did not like the love interest in this at all. That ship did not work for me at all. And the world-building was just a bit too complicated for my tastes. It took a really long time for me to get through these books because of how much I had to learn to understand the world. On top of all that, Samantha is making this series 7 books according to Goodreads, and I just do not have the time or patience to wait that long for the series to end.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about the series that I have started and decided not to finish reading. I am curious if any of the series on my list are on yours too. Let me know down below the series that you have started and don’t plan on continuing!


59 thoughts on “Series I Am Not Going to Finish

  1. “Series shouldn’t drag on and on. I lost interest when I realized there was no end in sight.”

    THIS. So much this. This is my biggest pet peeve for television as well (looking at you, Pretty Little Liars!). Dragging a good thing on and on really ruins the whole experience for me, and it is really a bummer.

    I am concerned that I am running into something similar with what I am currently re-reading because apparently 3 more books have been added to what I thought was a 5 book series.

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      1. I wish I could say I never finished it… I followed it begrudgingly until the bitter end because I had invested so much time trying to figure things out (before I realized there were no breadcrumbs and the writers didn’t know anything). It was stupid and you didn’t miss much.

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  2. Interesting list. I wonder what mine would look like. The Bone Season is on my TBR. Just bought it from Half Price Books a week ago. Truthwitch has been on my radar, but it’s not grabbed me. The rest I’m mostly just unfamiliar with.

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  3. One of mine is Vampire Academy. I didn’t hate the first two but didn’t love them either. Game of Thrones is another because let’s face it these are never going to be finished at all. Plus the show is better. Plus agree I hate when I a series drags on because I can feel that the book is basically a filler book which I hate. Great post 😊😊

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  4. I never finished the House of Night series either and looking back on them now although I enjoyed them at the time they weren’t even that good! I think I got to about book 7 and gave up! Loved reading this!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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  5. Great post – I didn’t finish the House of Night series either for similar reasons – I thought the plot was becoming strained and the series just dragged on way too long. I just sort of drifted away from them and went on to another series. I also didn’t enjoy what the author was doing with the story-line and the main character, it was more aggravating than anything. I still am interested in reading This Mortal Coil though, wondering if I’ll have a similar reaction though I enjoy science books sometimes, so perhaps not. Book choices and likes are so individual, it’s interesting to compare.

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  6. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I love the House of Night series. For some reason, long series always intrigue me. I have read the entire House of Night series and the novellas. I also started reading the new series. I think long series of books don’t bother me because I usually remember a good majority of the book and I don’t reread so I can continue whenever. Especially for the House of Night Series, I didn’t read the last two books of the series until almost 4 years after I read book 10.

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  7. I am so glad I’m not the only one giving up on Truthwitch. I thought I liked it when I read it, but the more I thought about it and the longer Windwitch sat on my TBR I was like “I didn’t really like that book all that much.”

    And same for House of Night. I stopped reading when it said it was the end, and then they came out with more books and I just couldn’t anymore.

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