Liebster Award Number 7 & 8!

This is my final Liebster Award post! Woohoo! Thank you so much Melissa and Taiwo for the nominations! It is such an honor to have been nominated for this award! RULES Thank the person who nominated you. Answer the 11 questions they gave you. Nominate 11 blogs. Give them 11 questions to answer. MELISSA'S QUESTIONS… Continue reading Liebster Award Number 7 & 8!


Trick or Treat Round the Block Book Tag

It's almost October 31st! You know what that means...squeezing in every last thing I can that is Halloween related before my favorite holiday is over! I was tagged in the Trick or Treat Round the Block Book Tag by Inga @ Lady of Bookland! Thanks for the tag! I am so excited about this one.… Continue reading Trick or Treat Round the Block Book Tag