Review Policy

**The Introverted Book Nerd is currently NOT accepting books for review.**

You may contact me via my contact form. Please keep in mind:

  • I only respond to offers that interest me.
  • The genres I am interested in, but not limited to, are young adult, fantasy, science fiction, dystopian, horror, psychological thrillers, paranormal, and historical fiction (WWII era preferably).
  • I will not review non-fiction, erotica, or poetry.
  • My eReader is a Kindle Paperwhite, so please only send me Kindle-compatible files.
  • I accept self-published authors and indie publishers.
  • I will review the book within 8 weeks of receiving.
  • I post my reviews on my blog, Goodreads, and put a link on Twitter. I am willing to post reviews on other sites such as Amazon at request.
  • Please be aware that I do not commit to review every book I receive and I do not promise to write about any book in a positive way. I only post my honest opinions.



5 stars: Amazing book. Will re-read and recommend to everyone.

4 stars: Really enjoyed this book. Will recommend and most likely re-read.

3 stars: Just okay. Didn’t love or hate it. Will most likely not re-read. Recommendations vary.

2 stars: Didn’t enjoy much of this book. It had issues. Most likely will not recommend.

1 star: Did not like this book. Will not recommend.