Author Appreciation

Hey guys, so today I'm doing something a little different. I wanted to show some appreciation for two authors who have not only gone above and beyond to recognize and appreciate bloggers, but have also become dear friends to me. Annie Woods The first author I would like to show some love and support to… Continue reading Author Appreciation


My Must-Buy Books for 2018

Hello everyone! Today I decided to make out a list of my must-buy books for 2018. These are some of my favorite book series and I just can't wait to get my hands on all of the 2018 releases! Nevernight 3 (Title still to come) (Cover still to come) This is probably my most anticipated… Continue reading My Must-Buy Books for 2018


Harry Potter Themed Bridal Shower

This weekend I threw my best friend and bride-to-be, Becca, a Harry Potter themed bridal shower! I'm her maid of honor and we came up with this brilliant idea to make her bridal shower Harry Potter themed since we are both crazy Potterheads! It turned out much better than I had anticipated! I know this… Continue reading Harry Potter Themed Bridal Shower